Who Am I?

I've spent more than 15 years studying physiology and nutrition including a BA, MS and I am currently finishing up my PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Minnesota.  I've published research in peer-reviewed geeky journals, presented at national conferences, written for many websites, and will have a text book chapter published later this year all about protein needs for athletes. 

In addition, I've worked with hundreds of people just like you looking to lose body fat and gain more muscle.  Muscle and Fitness magazine just joined the ranks of national magazines and websites that have featured my techniques and researched methods.   

If one of your goals for the coming weeks is to lose fat, gain lean muscle and boost your strength, then knowing the truth about how proteins, fats, and carbs affect your performance will save your years of hard work and confusion...

...give me 8 minutes and I will distill 15 years of detailed in depth research which has earned me multiple degrees (BA, MS and PhD Candidate) and mentions in national magazines, journals, and websites that will help you cut through all the confusion of how to burn fat faster, build lean muscle, and increase your strength.  

I've done all the research for you and I can tell you first hand that while it was a major time drain, I sort of enjoyed it in a geeky way.  

The result....

....after 15 years of studying physiology and nutrition and testing every tip, technique, and strategy on my clients, I have put together a program that up until now I have only allowed my personal client and private seminar attendees to hear.  The science behind this is the foundation to my newest book, but before it comes out I would like to get more feedback and more success stories.  I have put together a full, easy to understand program that will quickly have you seeing results in the mirror and feeling results in every part of your body; but don't take it from me, take a look at some of my current clients.


"I can't believe this was me just 4 weeks later!"

Gary Before 9/1/10                                                   Gary After 4 Weeks!
"Physically and mentally this has been a rough year for me. On top of narcolepsy, a newborn baby and a new business I experienced some strange neurological problems that made it difficult for me to consistently train..  My bodyweight went up to a new high and none of it was muscle. It got so bad I couldn’t tuck in my shirts. I was the heaviest I’d been since college and pretty frustrated. I approached Mike for help and helped clear up the principles for nutrition that I need to try and follow the high yield principles first.

On September 1st I weighed 171lbs, I had topped out at 174lbs the previous month and in four weeks I have lost 10 lbs, 5.5” on my waist and 8” overall.

I am getting stronger, sleeping better and managing my stress with more success. My blood pressure has gone from 139/88 to 129/80 and I’m moving faster than I ever have in my life. In four weeks, I was able to return to my normal self. It was easy as the main principles were not hard to follow.  It’s hard to stray from a diet that makes you feel better, look better and move better.   I give the information in these products from Mike two thumbs way up."
--Gary J. Berenbroick    Owner, Instructor  Kettlebells 4 U ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

          "Trust me, save your time and save your frustration, this product is worth it!" 

"As Mike said above, you could spend hours, days, even weeks trying to figure "the truth" about carbs, proteins, and fats. In fact, I spent the better portion of years, yes, that's plural, trying to figure it out. I would read something from one source, then cross-reference it to several other independent ones, sift out all the misinformation and "sales pitches", and even try to find scientific studies in order to get conclusive evidence of the truth. This is your one-stop-shop for anything you want to know on macronutrients and get results.   If someone would have told me years ago, "hey, here are some lectures and everything in there is true," I wouldn't believe them. But here I am telling you that exact thing."

--Dave "Athlete Creator" Sandel *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

190 lbs at 16% body fat and now 190 lbs at 7% body fat while deadlifting 550 lbs! 

"Mike T Nelson's Metabolic Flexibility system has finally given us the common sense, yet scientific approach to performance nutrition that we've been seeking for years.  In fact it makes so much sense it gives you the "why didn't I think of that" feeling.  

Using the method that MetFlex lays out, I have been both dropped significant amounts of body fat at one time, added lean mass at other times, and done both at the same time in a different period.

One year ago I was 190lbs at 16% body fat.  Now, I'm 190lbs at 7% body fat and shredded.  In the past year I've been as low as 167 with no performance loss at all, in fact my deadlift consistently went up 10lbs every month to a 550lb deadlift most recently.  

Metabolic Flexibility is the iPhone of nutrition technology, it's the most advanced and yet the easiest to use."

-Dave Dellanave, Business and Gym Owner
"It motivated me to probe more detailed into the material to ask questions that were not perhaps covered in the reading material.  No matter how much you know about nutrition  (I have some background) , a person can continue to learn and benefit from others who have studied and researched the same subject.  Also, Mike is genuinely interested in assisting; answering questions and his sincerity comes across.  I feel I have a great resource now."
--Carrie Strom  Tucson, Arizona Occupation— co owner of baseball academy  www.gabriels.biz  ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** "Was it worth the money? Yes!    Mike is very up-to-date with current literature and research"

--Tom Gallo Grinnell, Iowa Occupation Physical Therapist *****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************"Most,

"Metabolic Flexibility is as close to the Holy Grail of health and fitness as you can get"

"if not all "cutting edge" dietary regimens rely on pseudo-scientific language and obscure and misrepresented/exaggerated claims from clinical studies to hoodwink the masses into parting with their hard-earned dough.

What Mike has done with Metabolic Flexibility definitely stands out above the rest and has done a fantastic job of breaking down the science and explaining how to apply it to your individual needs and responses. The main goal is to convince your body to use stored fat for fuel no matter what you are eating (within reason of course!)

Over the course of the 6 weeks that I have been applying these principles, despite pigging out over the holidays I still managed to lose weight and gain size on my arms.  Not only that but my digestive tract is a whole lot healthier, and I sleep more soundly.

What I really love about Metabolic Flexibility is the distinct lack of aforementioned arbitrary guidelines present in pretty much all other diets.  Learning how to bend the "rules" in your favor is psychologically rewarding and a whole hell of a lot less stressful than preparing food to eat 6 times a day, which incidentally sucks the chrome off a trailer hitch.

Metabolic Flexibility for nutrition is about as close to the Holy Grail of health and fitness as you can get."  

-Jesse Smallwood, Former Truck Driver, Soon To Be Professional Soldier
"Seriously, it was most invaluable.   It was absolutely worth the money.  Very thorough. I would sign up again for the same topic or similar ones.  Keep me on your list please if that happens."

 --Jeanne Petrick, Chicago, IL Occupation:  Pilates Instructor

         "I dropped over 30 lbs of fat to reach 11% body fat and set a World record - all while eating burritos and drinking Guinness" 

" I dropped over 30 lbs of fat in 17 weeks to reach a body weight of 206 with 11% body fat. 
In the process I broke a World Record in the 2 inch vertical bar grip event, added 4 pounds of lean mass, broke countless personal records in the gym for strength all while using the Metabolic Flexibility principles and even including drinking Guinness, eating Chipotle burritos and evil red meat. "

-Adam T Glass, World Record Holder and Performing Strongman

What you will discover

Metabolic Flexibility -The Big Picture of How Proteins, Fats and Carbs Interact for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

  • Exclusive audio interview where I spill the beans on how most modern "diets" are screwed for starters.
  • What we are really missing the boat on nutrition (and everyone is missing it)
  • How to customized it to YOUR body for less fat and more muscle in record time without giving up all the foods you love 

Metabolic Flexibility Custom Built Fat Loss and Muscle Gain Video Webinar

  • The power of this little known physiologic principle to torch body fat. 
  • When to use carbs for greater fat loss and strength. 
  • Insane levels of dedication are NOT needed.
  • What you really need to know about insulin and fat loss. 
  • 4 research proven ways to burn more fat
  • The truth about timing.
  • Eat more of the foods you WANT to eat, with less body fat. 
  • Fuel your muscle gains by using body fat.
  • How to put your body on fat burning autopilot.
  • The very powerful "George Costanza" effect.
  • Research based, no “broscience” here.

If you are a researcher like me, and want to know how to tweak proteins, fats, and carbs down to the last detail, I will also give you full access to the Truth About Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats.  


Phase 1: Carbohydrates

Complete audio file and full transcription

  • Carbohydrate loading?  Good idea or not for gaining lean muscle?
  • The truth about glycogen and energy levels.  
  • The hidden difference between maltodextrin vs. dextrose.
  • What is EPOC and how it can help you burn fat faster. 
  • The truth behind super compensation and fluid replacement.
  • Secrets that help even diabetics drop weight and manage their carbohydrate. 
  • A common substance that is TOXIC in the blood stream.  
  • Cortisol, why do we need it?  What does it do?   Too much is bad, right?
  • How exercise affects carbohydrates storing and fat loss.   
  • Probiotics and how they affect digestion.   Which ones are good?  When do you use them?
  • What types of carbs/fibers increase good bacteria?
  • Top 5 high fiber foods for fat loss. 
  • Glycemic index vs. Glycemic Load: Is one better for fat loss?  
  • Evil, fat inducing......carrots?
  • Never combine these proteins, fats, and carbs. 
  • Knowing your Insulin Index. 
  • The Hostess Twinkie Diet for weight loss!  It will work!
  • Knowing if you are insulin sensitive


Phase 2: Protein

Complete audio file and full transcription

  • Optimal amount of protein to gain lean muscle.  
  • The best amino acids for gaining strength and even fat loss.  
  • Essential vs. non essential amino acid for gaining strength. 
  • Protein = muscle, muscle= protein
  • Protein as a fuel source during fat loss. 
  • Ideal protein intake to maximize anabolic processes for more muscle
  • How to minimize catabolic processes to maintain metabolic rate for fat loss. 
  • The truth about protein intake and kidney health.  
  • Optimal use of different types of proteins for fat loss and lean muscle gains. 
  • Are protein supplements really needed?  
  • Branched chain amino acids to accelerate fat loss?
  • Leucine: the ultimate anabolic?
  • mTOR, the secret to gaining muscle? 
  • Radioactive protein?  
  • Do older people respond the same way to protein as younger people for retaining muscle?  Is Ethel in trouble?
  • Tryptophan and sleepy time
  • BCAAs when calories are low.
  • Know your personal maximal dose for protein. 
  • Soy, wheat, egg or whey?
  • Sarcopenia: scary word and what to do about it
  • Free tests to find out if you have hidden food allergies to protein that are keeping you fat. 
  • Which proteins are the most non allergenic?
  • The truth about soy (my answer may surprise you)
  • What you need to know about calories for fat loss and muscle gain. 
  • The best time to use protein for more muscle 
  • Do Nitric Oxide stimulators work to enhance performance? 


Phase 3: Fats: The F Word

Complete audio file and full transcription

  • Saturated vs. Unsaturated: Which gets stored faster.
  • Omega 3 vs. Omega 6 when it comes to fat loss.  People are overloaded on one type and it is destroying their health and impairing their results. 
  • Is the fat in chocolate helpful for gaining strength?
  • Cox 1 vs Cox 2: good guys or bad guys for fat loss? 
  • Can specific fats make you skinny? 
  • What is a good source of Omega 3?
  • The secret beef loaded with healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. 
  • Hidden NSAIDs that are making you weak. 
  • When healthy oils become toxic and rancid.   
  • The number 1 fat to avoid. 
  • The best oil to eat when trying to burn fat. 
  • The truth about cholesterol. 

Just to make sure you get off to a great start, really fast, I will give you a 
Quick Start video where I break down exactly what you need to do, step by step, show you how to see results, and how to personalize it for your body.

Instant Bonus....

Many people can get results when they are handed a detailed program like this, but some people may need an accountability partner who has been there and done it for others as well.  For those that grab this program today, you will get instant access to me in my private member's only blog.   You'll be able to ask me all your hotest questions and I will personally answer them, be there to help you, support you, and customize everything for your particular body, your particular needs and your particular goals. 

... 3 Month of My Personal Support (Valued at $135)

You get the entire Metabolic Flexibility program that teaches you how to have the lean, strong body even if you currently eat like crap.
This includes the exclusive audio of how proteins, fats and carbs interact and the custom built fat loss video. 

You also get the full detailed Truth about Carbs, The Truth about Proteins and The Truth About Fats, the Quick Start video, and full access to me to help you tweak it for 3 full months.  

This program cuts through all the mass confusion out there and teaches you to have the strong and lean body you have always wanted.

Here's What You Get

  • Everything you need to make massive changes to your body just like everyone you saw on this page
  • Audio interview about Metabolic Flexibility for how to optimize proteins, fats and carbs
  • Video for step by step custom built fat loss and muscle gains based on Metabolic Flexibility. 
  • A complete, but concise audio and full transcription on each phase 1) carbs  2) proteins  3) fats
  • Everything on MP3 so you can listen on any computer, or on your ipod or your smart phone or pretty much anywhere
  • Quick Start Video Webinar to get you started in minutes with 5 simple steps. 
  • Instant access - you get  immediate access to the full program within seconds of picking it up
  • Bonus item: Exclusive VIP access to me to answer your questions for a 3 full months

This package has a real world value of $297, but it is my gift to you for only $97 if you agree to give me your honest feedback assuming you get the results that I know you will get so that I can use it in my upcoming book.

Iron Clad 8 Week Money-Back Gaurantee


This is a bold statement, but I KNOW you are going to get some serious results with this system because I've spent the time researching and testing it on clients just like you.
....I am so convinced that you will see massive results from this program that I'm going to guarantee if for 8 full weeks!
Go ahead and download all the audio files, transcripts and videos right now. 
If you're not happy for ANY reason, I will issue you a full refund, no questions asked. 
I am serious!  Just shoot me an email, tell why you did not like it and I will issue a full refund.  

You even keep the product!  

Picture this....

Imagine eating your favorite foods in front of all your friends and family while watching your waist get smaller.  Cut through all the confusion regarding nutrition for the principles that will drop fat and add lean muscle in record time. 


Rock on
Mike T Nelson signature
Mike T Nelson, PhD(c)


This is 100% guaranteed and if you are unhappy for any reason I will give you a full refund.  


Why Listen to Me?
  • PhD Candidate in Exercise Physiology at the University of Minnesota
  • I have completed actual research in a real metabolic lab
  • Presented research at National Conferences like the American College of Sports Medicine
  • Co-wrote an academic text book chapter out soon entitled  "Protein and Strength Athletes: A Nutrition Controversy" featuring all the top researchers in protein from around the world.
  • Professor at Globe University in addition to past teaching at Michigan Tech University and the University of Minnesota
  • Plus you get exclusive VIP access to me for 3 full months to answer your questions. 

Cut through the massive confusion regarding nutrition today and get the lean body you deserve in record time!  The only catch is to send me your testimonials to use in my upcoming book once you reach your goal.  Act now as this offer will not be around for long at this price.

NOTE:  Metabolic Flexibility for fat loss and muscle and the TRUTH about Proteins, Fats and Carbs are downloadable manuals, videos, audio files, and access to the private members only section.  No physical product will be shipped.  After you order you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download your manual, audio files, video files and access and web link to the private members area.    

The manuals are in adobe acrobat PDF which can be viewed on Mac or PC.  The videos are MP4 format files which can be viewed with Window Media Player for PC and iTunes for Mac.  The audio files are MP3 format which can be played with Window Media Player for PC and iTunes for Mac.

Contact:  If you have any questions about this product, please email me at questions@extremehumanperformance.com

Disclaimer:  the images and trademarks like Muscle and Fitness are property of their parent company and we are just showing you examples of the different magazines Mike Nelson has been featured in.     

The testimonial results shown here are just examples and may or may not represent your results with the program. 

This Research Proves You Can Melt Off 7 Pounds Of Fat In 3 Weeks Or Less While Eating Your Favorite Foods


See The Full Story Below…

I’m just like you (OK… maybe I’m a bit more fanatical about research).  But at the end of the day, we both want the same thing – A Lean Powerful Looking Body.  If that sounds good to you, then here’s the process my clients and I use that always works …and how many years of research went into perfecting it: